EZ BA aka Amkoullel live at The Gregson

Saturday, September 19 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm

EZ BA a.k.a Amkoullel first graced the shores of Liverpool when he performed at Africa Oye in 2011. He is without doubt one of the most talented African hip-hop musicians of his generation. His sound is rooted in both traditional griot music from the Mandé Empire and current global hip-hop culture.

A socially engaged artist, Amkoullel brings messages of unity and positive progress for contemporary Mali and Africa. He has performed at numerous festivals around the world, such as the Festival in the Desert (Mali), the Nice Jazz Festival (France) and the Ollin Kan Festival (Mexico). Since 2013, Amkoullel has been in demand in the United States as Mali’s most influential musical voice.

He has performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Lincoln Center in New York City, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Amkoullel is also available on Netflix in the MTV documentary series “Rebel Music” (the Mali episode), filmed in Bamako. As well offering a rare live UK performance, Amkoullel will also speak on social and cultural issues related to contemporary Mali.



This Friday (12th June) at 7pm – SUKE ZINE SOUNDSCAPES – Music and sound for wellbeing, joy, healing and tranquility.


Bring something comfortable to lie or sit on such as a beanbag, pillow and blanket or use the comfortable settees at The Gregson Institute.

Due to the phenomenal feedback and demand we had from or first performance Suke Zine are back at The Gregson Insitute for another evenings aural journeying. Last time the turn out was so good we ran out of space so we will be ensuring there’s more. Again The Gregson will be serving great food and drinks.

Lama Lhakpa Yeshe Meditation & Talk


Wednesday 10th June, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Entrance Fee: Donation

We are social animals who needs friends. We need a community to survive. Friends are made on the basis of truth, which only grows if you are kind to people.

Exploiting cheating and bully others will win you no friends. Kindness and compassion give rise to self confident.

Which in turn empowers you to be honest, truthful and transparent. This self confidence bring peace of mind which also favours good health. :))

Gong Bath and Meditation

The next Gong Bath and Meditation session is at our city centre location on Saturday 7th February, 1pm-2.30pm.

WELC Kre8tives, Gostin Buildings, Suite One, 7th Floor, Hanover Street
L1 3HN Liverpool

A gong bath is a form of sound therapy where the gong is played in a therapeutic way to bring about healing; this can be done as a one to one or group treatment.

The term gong bath means that you are bathed in sound waves, there is no water involved, or clothes removed.

Ideally you will experience the gong bath lying comfortably on your back on yoga mats that are supplied.

All you have to do is lie comfortably and close your eyes and relax. We begin with a meditation then we start to play the gongs very softly, increasing the volume as the session progresses (the volume never gets unbearable as I am playing therapeutically).

£6 pounds (waged) £4 (unwaged) or donation or you can volunteer some of your time to one of our projects.

Hosted by Nirmal Prem Kaur and Sada Nam Kaur.


Winter Opening Hours

Hi Everyone,

We are rescheduling our winter opening hours as of today. They will now be 10am – 3pm, Monday to Friday until January 2015 (approx. 8 weeks) so that we can carry out some redevelopment work.

All weekly classes will be cancelled as of today. Daytime classes still running and café is open. Also pre-booked evening and weekend events and special guest events continue.

Keep checking here and our website for details.