New HeartWorks poetry workshops at The Gregson

Ged is going to be running HeartWork poetry workshops at The Gregson on every second Sunday in the month, starting Sunday 14th September at 2pm. Each class will be £2.50 or a donation.

Heartwork workshops have been set up with the aim of allowing individuals to gain a greater understanding of themselves through the medium of writing, poetry, short stories and spoken word art.

The emphasis is not so much on literary or reading skills. In this environment spelling, grammar or English skills are of lesser importance than individual ability to express what lies within. The aim is primarily to encourage honest creative expression of emotions and thoughts.

There will be no right or wrong expression, competition, marking or censorship, just a safe space to write, speak or listen as you see fit. The workshop is not an open mic or a creative writing group, just a friendly and loving environment in which individuals from all backgrounds and of all abilities are afforded a chance to inspire and encourage each other on their own paths of healing and self discovery.

Hope to see you there…

New September Timetable

Here’s our new timetable for September 2014. We’ve also got lots of special events going on throughout the month, so stay tuned for more details…